SIFL: Sichuan International Studies University ;CTC: Chongqing Teachers College;CUMS: Chongqing University of Medical Sciences;TGTC: Three Gorges Teachers College;CPTU: Chongqing Post & Telecommunications University;SNU: Sichuan Normal University ;STC: Sichuan Teachers College—China West Teachers University ;DTC: Daxian Teachers College—Sichuan College of Arts & Sciences;SEC: Sichuan Education College;LMC: Luzhou Medical College;SILICE: Sichuan Institute of Light Industry & Chemical Engineering;NSMC: North Sichuan Medical College ;SIT: Sichuan Institute of Technology—China West University;FTC: Fuyang Teachers College;RAHVI: Rongchang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Institute;MTC: Mianyang Teachers College;XTC: Xichang Teachers College;SAU: Sichuan Agricultural University;LTC: Leshan Teachers College;PISI: Panzhihua Iron & Steel Institute;ZTC: Zigong Teachers College;YTC: Yibin Teachers College;SWUST: Southwest University of Science & Technology;SEC: Sichuan Education Commission;CUTCM: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;CUST: Chengdu University of Science & Technology;NTC: Neijiang Teachers College;PU: Panzhihua University;CUIT: Chengdu University of Information Technology;SUSE: Sichuan University of Science and Engineering;NEUT: Northeastern University ;ShTC: Shenyang Teachers College;LIT: Luoyang Institute of Technology;XXTC: Xinxiang Teachers College;BUST: Beijing University of Science & Technology;IWR: Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;SARA: State Administration of Religious Affairs ;ATC: Anqing Teachers College;China Christian Council;** Theological students (not always full MPC support);