Hesston College


International Students

Perhaps the most surprising aspects of the Hesston experience are the diverse backgrounds our students represent and our impressive number of international students. Our student population of nearly 450 includes representation from 12 countries, 33 states and 25 religious affiliations – a very uncommon and healthy mix of people that contributes greatly to the the quality of a Hesston education.

Students from around the world choose Hesston because of the intimate, supportive, and engaging environment they find.

No matter where you come from, you’ll find the majors , the student groups and leadership opportunities, the financial assistance, and individualized guidance on things like housing, finding a campus job, and getting oriented that will make your transition very smooth and enjoyable.


• Two-year private college

• Founded in 1909

• Dormitories and cafeteria

• More than 50 majors for transfer

• Students can earn the Associate degree

• Highest scores in the U.S. among two-year colleges in support for learners and student-faculty interaction


• The small, intimate nature of the college and community of Hesston, Kansas, is complemented by the excitement, resources and opportunities afforded by nearby Wichita and its population of more than 300,000.

• The Hesston College campus sits on about 50 acres (20 hectares) and is comprised of 13 well-equipped academic, residential and recreational buildings.

• While the town of Hesston is a safe, relatively quiet community, the campus comes alive through formal and informal activitiesevery day.

Hesston College will provide an environment which is conducive to your academic success.


At Hesston, there is one faculty member for every 9 students, and the average class size is 16. So you will enjoy very personal attention from your professors. Further, in a small college such as Hesston College, relationships with fellow students form quickly and often last for a lifetime.

As a student at Hesston, you will be guided through all aspects of the admission process, as well as issues related to financial aid, housing and orientation. Also, there are many student clubs and organizations at Hesston, some of which have been formed specifically for international students.

Hesston College will expect you to study hard, but we will also provide individual assistance if needed. We will help you succeed.


Most of the international students at Hesston College, as well as the U.S. students, transfer to four-year universities. More than 70% of international students at Hesston College transfer to four-year universities all across the U.S. In the past seven years, international students at Hesston College have transferred to more than 35 universities in 20 states.

Hesston College will provide an excellent foundation for your transfer program of study.


Hesston College has several career programs of study which you can complete in two or three years. Nursing and Aviation (flight instruction) are two examples.


Hesston College is accredited as a two-year college by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604, 800-621-7440) and is authorized to grant degrees by the State of Kansas.

The Department of Nursing is approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing (900 SW Jackson, Suite 1051, Topeka, KS 66612-1230, 785-296-4929) and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)(3343 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404-975-5000).



Hesston College is a member of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems and the Kansas Independent College Association/Kansas Independent College Fund. The president of Hesston College is a member of the Council of Mennonite Colleges, an organization composed of the presidents of Mennonite colleges in the United States and Canada. Hesston College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association.


Hesston College is affiliated with Mennonite Church USA and connects to the denomination through Mennonite Education Agency.

Mission Statement

Hesston College, a college of Mennonite Church USA, educates and nurtures each student within Christ-centered community, integrating thought, life and faith for service to others in the church and the world.



Aspire to high performance in all courses, programs and activities, measuring our results with accepted standards of achievement.

Give and expect each other’s best efforts in teaching and learning. Encourage creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.

Christian Community

Invite students to follow Christ and to create Christ-centered community on campus.


Celebrate differences in backgrounds and cultures and make every effort to learn from each other.


Create space and time to develop relationships so that faculty, students and staff learn together.


Strive to break through to new ways of learning and service.


Care for the financial, physical, spiritual and emotional resources entrusted to us. Serve as stewards of the environment and work to develop sustainable facilities and practices.


Model lives of joy, eagerly working hard to achieve, and welcoming humor and fun along the way.


Share information regarding our performance, finances and future plans within the organization, with our supporters and with those we serve.


Act with compassion and honesty, extending dignity and respect to all.

Hesston College is a little nugget of paradise located just 30 minutes north of Wichita.

As Kansas’ only two-year, Christian liberal arts college, we offer an environment and learning experience that’s hard to match.

With nearly 450 students and a student-faculty ratio of 9:1, you’ll find opportunities for life, learning, and leadership that are distinct even among small colleges.

With a two-year general studies curriculum, you’ll gain the kind ofacademic and professional preparation that most schools put off until the junior and senior years.

With a spiritual dimension that permeates most of what we do, you’ll become a valued member of a tightly knit community of learners, teachers and friends.

Academic life, residence life and as the term progresses

The college has assigned an academic advisor to your student. The advisor helps students plan their academic journey, register for courses, understand academic requirements. New students meet with their advisors each week for the first eight weeks of the first semester. These meetings are a great opportunity for students to ask questions and find the support they need to succeed. If appropriate, the advisor can help your student arrange for tutoring sessions or other assistance through the college’s ACCESS Lab. Parents are also invited to contact their student’s advisor at any time if the student has given permission throughmy.hesston.edu. Ask your student for the name of her or his advisor and for contact information.

Fall classes begin August 17 and end with finals week December 8 to 10. View the academic calendar to know when each term begins and ends and when breaks are scheduled. If you know your student’s course schedule, you can check the final exam schedule to know when she or he will finish the term. Your student will receive his or her grades through a myHesston account after the semester is complete.

College staff and administrators are available if you have questions or need information.

Homecoming and Thanksgiving

Hesston College hosts two major event weekends during the fall semester. Homecoming (September 24 to 27) is a great opportunity for alumni and their families to return to campus to reconnect with classmates and the college. Thanksgiving(November 26 to 28) is a family gathering of sorts for Hesston students. The college invites parents and siblings to a weekend filled with activities including a student talent show, music performances, basketball games, great meals and a fun run. It’s a grand time especially for younger siblings to see what big brother or sister has been doing for the last few months. Plan now to attend!

Transferring to Other Colleges After Hesston

Nearly half of all Hesston College students transfer to other colleges within the first year after they complete their studies at Hesston. An additional 20 percent do so within five years. There is a good chance that you will be one of those students. You can both take advantage of the unique learning opportunities at Hesston College and make a smooth transition to another college.

First, a word of admonition. As important as transferability is, don’t let that concern dictate everything you do. Hesston offers a number of unique and valuable experiences that may not be available to you elsewhere or that may not be recognized as transferable credit. With careful planning, you can take advantage of these opportunities and still transfer with a minimum of trouble.

Hesston College has transfer articulation agreements with Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies (Wichita, Kan.), Bethel College (North Newton, Kan.), Bluffton (Ohio) University, Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg, Va.), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Friends University College of Adult and Professional Studies (Wichita, Kan.), Goshen (Ind.) College, Kansas State University Salina, Kansas Wesleyan University (Salina, Kan.), Messiah College (Grantham, Pa.), Newman University (Wichita, Kan.), Sterling (Kan.) College, Tabor College (Hillsboro, Kan.) and the University of Kansas School of Nursing (Lawrence). See the Hesston College Catalog for details.

What can I do to prepare myself for a smooth transfer?

• Become a desirable transfer prospect. Take a challenging curriculum, do well, finish what you begin, participate in extracurricular activities and conduct your personal life in a way that will generate positive references. To be admitted to most transfer schools, you will need good references and at least a 2.00 GPA. For some programs, the entrance requirement will be even higher, like 2.50 or 2.75. Grades of D usually will not transfer. Be ready.

• Assemble credentials. Start a file in which you place the Hesston College catalog, the syllabus from each course you take, examples of your best work and other items that will document and highlight your experience and ability. The official record of your academic work is kept in the Registrar’s Office. You may request a copy of that record at any time.

• Chart a direction. Most baccalaureate schools will require that you declare a major early in your junior year. Use your years at Hesston to prepare for that moment. Take a broad range of courses. Test your interest in specific careers with exploratory work experiences.

• Build Relationships. Get to know your Hesston College advisor and your professors. They will be valuable advocates for you later.

• Work toward independence. Read for yourself the academic policies and graduation requirements described in the Hesston College catalog and study the course offerings lists. Acquaint yourself with the requirements of four-year degrees. Learn how to function in the world of higher education. Practice making independent decisions with coaching from your academic advisor.

What courses should I take to transfer smoothly?

To earn a baccalaureate degree, you will need to satisfy certain general education requirements regardless of where you go or what your field of interest is. The best approach is to follow the plan of study for the A.A. degree at Hesston. If you earn this degree, you will meet the general education transfer expectations of most schools.

If you know where you will transfer and what your major will be, take courses at Hesston that are similar to those taken in the first two years by students at the transfer school. This may mean following the A.S. or A.G.S. degree outline. Be cautious about taking courses at Hesston that may be upper level at the transfer school.

If you don’t know where you will transfer or what your major will be, add one more course to the A.A. requirements from each of the areas of written communication, history, social science and humanities, plus introductory level courses in several other fields that are of most interest to you.

If you will seek a bachelor of arts degree at the transfer school, add from two to four semesters of one foreign language to the list above. If you will seek the bachelor of science, add more courses from the natural and quantitative sciences.

When and how should I connect with transfer schools?

1. During your first year at Hesston: Gather catalogs, transfer guides, applications and financial aid information from schools to which you might transfer. Discuss the options with your advisor. One good way to learn about schools that offer your particular major is to search the Internet. College Source Online (www.collegesource.org) gives you access to the catalogs of several thousand colleges and universities.

2. Early in your second year at Hesston: Make connections with someone at the transfer school who can be your advocate. That person may be an admissions counselor, a department chair, an advisor or an instructor. If possible, visit the school in person.

3. Midway through your second year at Hesston: Apply to one or more schools that are of most interest to you. As a part of the process, you will be asked to provide academic transcripts, available from the Hesston College Registrar’s Office, and personal references. Plan ahead. Scholarship applications may be due as early as February 1. Ask the transfer school for written confirmation of how your Hesston College courses will be applied to the baccalaureate degree you wish to earn. Be prepared to provide course descriptions, syllabi and examples of your work if necessary. Watch for information about when and where you can register for your first term. Register as early as possible to get the courses you want and need.


Each student is assigned to a faculty member for academic advising. The assignment is made primarily on the basis of the student’s program of study, though other factors are considered too. The advisor can help your student:

• understand academic requirements and expectations

• assist in registration and make registration changes

• develop realistic goals and plan a program of study that is consistent with his or her abilities and interests

• identify special needs and interests and locate helpful campus resources

• interpret grades and suggest appropriate changes in study habits

• connect with transfer colleges and universities

There are designated times when students are required to see their advisors, but advisors are available throughout the year and do welcome student contacts. Parents are also invited to contact their student’s advisor at any time if the student has given permission through my.hesston.edu. Ask your student for the name of her or his advisor and for contact information.


Compared to two-year colleges nationwide, benchmark scores according to data from 2012 Community College Survey of Student Engagement, Hesston College surpassed the average score for all two-year colleges and the average score for colleges in the top 10% nationwide in all six areas measured by the survey.

1. Student effort: Average score for all two-year colleges – 50%; average score for top 10% of colleges – 57%; Hesston College’s score – 59%

2. Academic challenge: Average score for all two-year colleges – 50%; average score for top 10% of colleges – 57%; Hesston College’s score – 70?%

3. Active and collaborative learning: Average score for all two-year colleges – 50%; average score for top 10% of colleges – 60%; Hesston College’s score – 71%

4. Support for learners: Average score for all two-year colleges – 50%; average score for top 10% of colleges – 59%; Hesston College’s score – 71?% – the highest in the nation.

5. Student-faculty interaction: Average score for all two-year colleges – 50%; average score for top 10% of colleges – 58%; Hesston College’s score – 73% – the highest in the nation.

Average ACT score of first-year students: 22.1

More than 3/4 of Hesston College courses are above the average of other colleges, earning the college exceptional distinction among two- and four-year institutions nationwide. The Individual Development and Educational Assessment


According to the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), Hesston College students are more satisfied than their peers at private four-year colleges and universities nationwide in all five areas measured by the survey.

1. Instructional effectiveness

2. Student centeredness

3. Campus climate

4. Safety and security

5. Responsiveness to diverse populations


• Overall nursing licensure rate of 99%

• One of two FAA-approved flight training programs

• Only faith-based disaster management program

• Only FAA-approved air traffic control program


At many four-year colleges, your first two years are often treated as an afterthought-classes and course work you simply need to “get out of the way.” Amazing, but true.

At Hesston, those first two years are all we do. And believe us, they’re no afterthought. As a result you will leave here much more focused, prepared, and ready for your future.

We offer more than 50 academic majors and six pre-professional programs including a General Studies major that is great for students whose interests are best served by a custom plan of study. Along with our strong belief in the liberal arts, this general education curriculum will equip you to communicate clearly, think critically, and approach life as a socially responsible person of Biblical understanding.

Maybe you haven’t yet decided on a major. Hesston is the perfect place to explore your options. We will work with you to help you find a program that suits your talents, personality, and dreams. Start your journey here.

• A

• Accounting — 4yr Transfer

• Agriculture Science — 4yr Transfer

• Air Traffic Control — 2yr

• Art — 4yr Transfer

• Athletic Training — 4yr Transfer

• Aviation - Professional Pilot — 3yr2yr

• B

• Bible and Ministry — 4yr Transfer

• Biology — 4yr Transfer

• Business — 4yr Transfer

• C

• Chemistry — 4yr Transfer

• Communications — 4yr Transfer

• Computer Information Technology — 4yr Transfer

• Computer Science — 4yr Transfer

• Criminal and Restorative Justice — 4yr Transfer

• D

• Disaster Management — 4yr Transfer

• E

• Early Childhood Education — 2yr

• Economics — 4yr Transfer

• Education - Elementary and Early Childhood — 4yr Transfer

• Education - Secondary — 4yr Transfer

• Engineering — 4yr Transfer

• Engineering Technology - Computer Systems — 4yr Transfer

• Engineering Technology - Electronic and Computer — 4yr Transfer

• Engineering Technology - Mechanical — 4yr Transfer

• English — 4yr Transfer

• Environmental Science — 4yr Transfer

• Exercise Science — 4yr Transfer

• G

• General Studies/Deciding Students — 4yr Transfer

• Graphic Design — 4yr Transfer

• H

• Health and Medical Occupations — 4yr Transfer

• History — 4yr Transfer

• Horticulture Science — 4yr Transfer

• M

• Mathematics — 4yr Transfer

• Music Education and Music Therapy — 4yr Transfer

• Music Performance — 4yr Transfer

• N

• Nursing — 4yr4yr Transfer1yr3yr2yr

• P

• Physical Education — 4yr Transfer

• Physics — 4yr Transfer

• Pre-Dentistry — PP

• Pre-Law — PP

• Pre-Medicine — PP

• Pre-Pharmacy — PP

• Pre-Physical Therapy — PP

• Pre-Veterinary Medicine — PP

• Psychology — 4yr Transfer

• S

• Social Work — 4yr Transfer

• Sociology — 4yr Transfer

• Spanish — 4yr Transfer

• Special Education — 4yr Transfer

• T

• Theatre Education — 4yr Transfer

• Theatre Performance — 4yr Transfer

• Y

• Youth Ministry — 4yr Transfer

International Application Process

Admission Requirements

1. Application for Admission (no fee is required)You may apply online or download a paper application (77kb pdf)

2. Photo (passport-style photo)

3. A copy of the secondary school transcript (courses taken and grades earned)If the applicant has taken any national examination, a copy of the results must be sent. If the applicant has completed any university study, that transcript should also be sent.

4. Evidence of English language proficiency required in most cases. Hesston College accepts these minimum scores: 

400 on the Paper-Based TOEFL (PBT)

97 on the Computer-Based TOEFL (CBT)

32 on the Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT)

2.5 on the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP)

3.0 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Pre-2 on the STEP EIKEN test

300 on the TOEIC

Completion of Level 104 at an ELS language center

5. Evidence of adequate financial resources (bank statement or bank letter, etc.) which shows the availability of funds for a minimum of the first year of study at Hesston College.

Application Deadline

Hesston College does not have an application deadline, but you are advised to apply as early as possible, especially if you are seeking financial aid.

After Admission is Granted

You will receive an I-20 form from Hesston College so you can apply for a student visa from the nearest United States consulate.

Travel arrangements

Make arrangements to fly to Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas. The Wichita airport code is ICT. Notify the Director of International Student Admissions of your travel plans so someone from the college can meet you at the airport.


Students under the age of 24 live on campus. Many fun-filled opportunities exist for students: concerts, dances, movies, roller skating, athletic events. Use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs is prohibited on campus.

During Christmas and other extended holidays, you may live in homes with families. The Director of International Student Services will make these arrangements.


Estimated Costs for 2015-16

Tuition fees


Dormitory and Cafeteria


Technology fee



Textbooks (estimated)


Other fees (estimated)


Health insurance (estimated)



Personal expenses (estimated)




International Scholarships are Available

Hesston College offers International Scholarships. The amount of the scholarship is determined after the Application for Admission and the academic records are received by Hesston College. The college does not provide full scholarships.

On-Campus Employment is Possible

Many international students at Hesston College have on-campus employment. The amount which these students earn in one year is typically between $1,000 to $3,000.

Payment Deadline and Method of Payment

Payment is made on a semester-by-semester basis. The semester payment is due on or before arrival at Hesston College. In some cases, payment will be due before final admission documents will be sent. Payment can be made by bank wire, credit card, cash or bank check. Admitted students will receive specific instructions for the method of sending a payment by bank wire.

If you have questions or if you need more information, you can contact Dave Osborne, director of International Admissions, email –This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone – 620-327-8133.