Mennonite Collegiate Institute


Fast Facts: 

Founded 1889, MCI is private high school in Manitoba, Canada. It is our goal to provide an educational experience that allows students to discover their academic, musical and athletic gifts. MCI is an amazing school that features a residence and an amazing academic program. 

MCI has an amazing residence program - where kids can experience high school to its fullest capacity. Dorm rooms have 2 single beds and share a bathroom with another dorm room. Food preparation is done in a beautiful large kitchen with many homemade soups, breads and other scrumptious items. Residence Deans are on hand to guide students activities throughout the afterschool hours. The safest step between home and on your own!

MCI is not like every other high school. We pride ourselves on providing a different type of educational experience to our students. This begins with the size of our school. With a student body of roughly 135 students from Grades 7-12, we offer students a comfortable, safe, and caring environment in which to learn and grow. It is our aim make MCI a place where students can discover their academic, musical and athletic gifts in a Christian setting. 

MCI's renowned fine arts program allows students to explore their musical and theatrical gifts in a setting unlike any other. Our state-of-the art performance facility, Buhler Hall, gives students the chance to work on the same stage as professional artists. When combined with the school's acclaimed fine arts staff, this creates an environment in which students are able to reach their full potential as musicians, actors, and vocalists.

As a relatively small school, we offer all athletes the opportunity to shine. Regardless of their level of experience, students at MCI are able to step into the roles they might not find at larger institutions. This allows students to discover athletics gifts they didn't know they had!

We are:

• an independent Christian high school;

• Founded in 1889 as the first Mennonite school in Canada

• located in Gretna, Manitoba, Canada;

• governed and supported by a society of 22 Mennonite Congregations;

• a member of Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools;

• a member of Canadian Association of Mennonite Schools;

• certified by Canadian Council of Christian Charities;

• recognized and accredited by MB Education, Canadian Council and Christian Charities.

General Information

• All curriculum requirements of Manitoba Education for high school graduation are taught at MCI.

• Most courses are offered on a semester system.  Some courses, such as music, are offered on a full-year basis.

• Textbooks for all courses are supplied by the school.

• Students need to supply their own dictionary, Bible, scientific calculator, notebook materials, and USB storage device.

Student Accident Insurance

• All Canadian students receive student accident insurance courtesy of MCI. 

Daytime Schedule 

• Classes begin at 8:40 am and end at 3:40 pm with a lunch break from 11:50-12:45pm.   

• Each day consists of six classes and a 20 minute chapel time.

• Grade 9 and 10 students are expected to enroll in a minimum of 10 courses per year.

• Grade 11 and 12 students are expected to enroll in a minimum of 9 courses per year.

Music Education 

MCI offers an extensive music program aimed at fostering appreciation of music and encouraging excellence in musical performance. Because of the importance of music in the Christian faith, an emphasis is placed on choral and sacred music. The program consists of Junior Choir (Grades 7-9) and Senior Choir (Grades 10-12), Chamber Choir, Resonate, Illuminate, and private music instruction in piano, violin, and voice through Cottonwood School of the Arts.

The following features contribute to the strength of our international program:

 •An English as an Additional Language (EAL) course throughout the first year of study; •Safe, on-campus residence experience, usually with a Canadian roommate; 

•Host family stay during closed residence weekends and longer school vacations; •Exposure to Canadian culture and history through field trips to museums, theater events; 

•Opportunity to share their culture with the student body

Performing Arts Theatre 

Each year the school provides opportunities for students to participate in a full-length drama/musical production. Many students are able to develop their theatrical talents in acting as well as in staging, lighting, sound, makeup and backstage responsibilities. The professional size stage as well as professional lighting and sound systems in Buhler Hall enhance these experiences. Direction is given by staff members as well as outside professionals in such aspects as choreographing, lighting, acting and production. Instruction Private music instruction in piano and voice are available to students on campus. The music director will assist in making suitable arrangements for lessons.

Athletics and Sports Varsity Athletics

 MCI participates in Zone IV of Manitoba High School Athletics Association in soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, badminton, track and field, curling and baseball. Junior varsity teams, for the grade 9 and 10 students, are organized in several sports. Students participating in sports at MCI commit themselves to regular practices and diligent training. Developing a cooperative attitude among team members, encouraging positive sportsmanship and fostering friendly competition are goals of the varsity programs while pursuing excellence in competition within the zone and province. Recreational Activities MCI offers a wide array of recreational sports opportunities, usually scheduled during the evening hours. Weight lifting equipment, table tennis, pool, and table games are available for student use.

Student Government 

MCI has an active student council consisting of an executive and committee heads. In addition to organizing a variety of activities, student council provides leadership for the entire student body. Executive and committee head elections take place in the spring while other council elections take place in the fall. Student Executive The student executive consists of the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Their role is to oversee the activities of the various committees and determine annual budgets. Student Committees and Organizations Student council committees include Christian Life, Sports, Social, Yearbook, Ecology, Fine Arts, Multicultural and Technology. At the beginning of the school year each committee outlines a plan for various activities they wish to coordinate and provides a budget for these activities to be approved by the entire student council. Some committees, such as the Yearbook Committee, offer special opportunities in the areas of editing and digital photography. Each committee has a staff advisor working with the group